Egad! Science
Birthday Parties
Egad Science birthday parties are developed around a specific theme and feature a mix of demonstrations and hands-on experiments. Each party includes a science-based souvenir for all partygoers, as well as a chromatography t-shirt that party guests help make for the birthday boy or girl.
Science Scenes
Ages 4-7
Science Scenes is a fun romp across a wide body of science. Great for younger scientists with shorter attention spans.
DEMO: Unpoppable balloon
DEMO: Egghead under pressure
DEMO: Optical illusions
INTERACTIVE DEMO: Rainbow glasses
HANDS-ON: Dinosaur dig
HANDS-ON: Magnets
DEMO: Bubble volcano
DEMO: Catch the cake thief
TAKE-HOME: Clay fossils OR Rainbow glasses

Ages 7 and up
Wonder at the power of magnets and electricity, physical and chemical changes, and more in Science Wonders.
DEMO: Flash paper
HANDS-ON: Magnetic fields
INTERACTIVE DEMO: Static electricity

 DEMO: Acid-base secret messages
HANDS-ON: Acid-base poppers
TAKE-HOME: Slime OR putty

Energy Alert

Ages 9 and up
Energy is the ability to do work. Energy Alert is all about kinetic and potential energy, and energy's place in the world around us.
HANDS-ON: Olympic diver
HANDS-ON: Catapults
INTERACTIVE DEMO: Energy transference
DEMO: Energy conversion
Wind generator
Photovoltaic motor
Water wheel
TAKE-HOME: Energy poppers

Oh! Chem
Ages 7-12
Oh! Chem is a flash-booming good time filled with unusual substances, amazing illusions, and slimy creations.
DEMO: Unpoppable balloon
INTERACTIVE DEMO: Vanishing water
HANDS-ON: Mystery mud OR secret messages
INTERACTIVE DEMO: Hydrophobic sand
DEMO: Flash paper
DEMO: Burning money
INTERACTIVE DEMO: Baby fire extinguisher
TAKE-HOME: Slime OR putty

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